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Gravel & Tar Roof Application

BUR or Built up Roofing

Commercial or Residential, we install, provide maintenance, and repair "Tar and Gravel roofs" or "BUR" of any size. With our experience and expertise, we manage to streamline the whole process while ensuring consistent results. We offer service and repair, as a matter of fact the majority of our business comes from fixing others mistakes. Call now and have these projects for your Roof handled properly the first time. 

Composition and Benefits of Tar & Gravel Roofing

The “Tar and Gravel” roof system is that the actual material is slightly more sophisticated than it first sounds.

The material used for this sort of roof finish is made from fibre-glass asphalt sheeting and is applied in layers to the vast majority of homes and commercial buildings with flat or nearly flat roofs.

It’s actually one of the most common roofing materials used in the industry.

Between each layers or sheeting hot bitumen is applied to form a seal. The top layer is then coated with more bitumen and a layer of stone, rock or gravel to hold the other materials down.

This also acts as a way of protecting the roof from weather abrasion and other external 

The Benefits of Our Tar and Gravel Roofs

Our built-up roofs boast numerous advantages, but none more so than their costs-effectiveness. They offer both low upfront costs and upkeep costs, giving you a roof with a long lifespan and with few maintenance requirements.

With one of our tar and gravel roofs, you can expect:

  • Immediate money savings

  • Long-term money savings

  • Energy savings

  • Complete peace of mind

  • Quick installation times

  • …and more

We use professional-grade coal tar which provides stability and sustainability. As temperatures rise and fall, the tar expands and contracts, “healing” itself so that it doesn’t need replacing. It’s a self-regenerating surface material, promising a good-working roof with minimal expenses throughout its lifecycle.

Since our founding in 2000, we’ve built locations throughout South West Florida.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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