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Metal Roof System

Metal Roof

Metal Roofs along in the state of Florida are a popular option due to the ability to withstand high winds and apparent beauty. Galvanized steel, Galvalume ® and aluminum are the most common materials used, coated for additional protection and color. Metal roofs may cost more up front than asphalt shingles, but they also last much longer. Metal roofs can last 40-70 years, depending on the material and the metal roof company. Traditional asphalt roofing materials have an estimated life expectancy of roughly 20 years.

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Metal Roofing Options

It’s always best to speak with a trained installers when looking at Galvalume and galvanized steel. We offer a full range of choices and provide the best recommendation based on the intended use of your building. 
No matter what you decide, a steel roof is going to last longer and provide more protection than asphalt shingles. With a steel roof —  be it galvanized or Galvalume — you can enjoy durability, safety, and energy efficiency for years to come.


Galvalume Roof

Galvalume Roof Near Me

Galvalume is comprised of a steel sheet dipped in a coating of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% silicone. The unique coating gives the steel greater protection from the elements, which allows it to outlast traditional galvanized steel.


Overall, Galvalume is suitable as a roof, wall, trim, accent, and more in most building applications in some of the most extreme environments, including hurricane zones, locations with high rain or snowfall, high-temperature regions, and more.

Galvanized Steel Roof

Steel Roof near me

Galvanized steel consists of a piece of steel cleaned and dipped into molten zinc. The zinc then hardens onto the steel, creating an extra protective coating. This helps the steel stand up to rust, corrosion, nicks, and dents.

Galvanized steel is a staple of construction, manufacturing, and fabrication for its durability and resistance to corrosion. Galvanization can be found on most steel structures. Generally, galvanized steel will last approximately 15-20 years with minimal maintenance.


Since our founding in 2000, we’ve built locations throughout South West Florida.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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