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Lee County, FL.

Years of training, years of experience, and a dedication to our craft—that’s what we bring to the table. We are a fully licensed and certified roofing company. We started our business with a mission in mind: Provide an excellent service at a fair and affordable price. While much has changed about our operations over the years, we remain committed to that mission. Our experience has helped us hone our trade, improve our services, and maximize our clients’ return on investment. The commitment to customer satisfaction, has made us the first-choice roofer for many locals. We’re confident it’ll make us yours, too.


Hardee County, FL.

We are a professional team of tradespeople driven by pride, passion, and a commitment to excellence. We take pride in our work, in delivering best-in-class craftsmanship, and in meeting the needs of our customers. Roofing isn’t just a job. It’s our livelihood. It’s our life’s work, something we strive to push forward with new solutions, better-quality work, and superior service. It’s taken us a long time to perfect our craft so that we can deliver the results that we do. Ultimately, it’s time well spent, promising to pay off for you, for us, and for all our customers.

Beach Town
Replacing Tiles

Our Background

Sarasota County, FL.

At Tile Roofing and Restoration, we take great pride in our excellent workmanship, competitive fees, and the ability to deliver outstanding results. Since our founding with Roofing and Restoration over 20 years ago it became apparent with Florida's rich history in Tile Roofing that a more specialized branch of our company was needed in the Tile Roofing Industry. We now have locations that cover the State of Florida. we’ve worked hard toward building and maintaining a stellar reputation as the leading and only exclusively Southwest Florida Tile Roofing Company. We provide clients with a wide range of services to cover all their needs. No matter what your project might be, our team of professionals is ready to bring your dreams to life. Call us today and see what we can do for you.

Since our founding in 2000, we’ve built locations throughout South West Florida.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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