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Roof Tiles

Tile Roofing

Concrete, Clay, or Metal Roof Tile

Tile Roofing and Restoration is our companies sole focus in South West Florida. In the Historic District of both Naples, FL. and Fort Myers, FL. Historic Districts you can enjoy Tile Roofing Systems that are  still functioning and date from the 17th century. This makes Florida  style roof tile one of the oldest historical roofing materials available.

 Originally the Tiles boasted of 1-2 holes at the top so that a nail or peg can be driven into the roof. A lip or edge at the tile bottom connected to the lip at the top of the last piece to cover the nail holes. They were then secured with mortar.

Today the "Roof Tile Systems" and how they are fastened and secured has changed dramatically. We stay on top of this cutting edge technology with the old world style.

Tile Roof Benefits

Why a Tile Roof?

We only use the best brands and superior tile roof installation techniques.We are able to offer this on the shortest time lines under any storm condition due to our in house contractors.

  • 50 year lifespans

  • Immune to bugs and rot

  • Roof Tile Color and Style Options

  • 150-180 mph wind resistance (based on type)

  • Rich history and unique character

Since our founding in 2000, we’ve built locations throughout South West Florida.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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