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Should I Wash My Tile Roof?

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

There's nothing as impressive and beautiful as a tile roof; however, they require annual maintenance to preserve their beauty and address any problems or concerns. Ensuring your tile roof stays in pristine condition through yearly cleaning is essential for protecting your home. Don't risk costly damage; with one simple step of washing your roof, you can identify and address problems before they become major issues!

Are Mortar Joints Breaking Down?

Over time, mortar begins to break down thanks to the humid climate and ample sunlight Florida offers. As the mortar decays, your roof's joints start losing their integrity, which is a recipe for disaster. By investing in a yearly cleaning service, the company can spot these issues early, allowing you to repair them before your home suffers catastrophic damage.

Reseal Cracks

Cracks may not seem like a big deal, but they allow moisture to penetrate your tile, expanding and contracting, causing a larger gap to form. Eventually, you can end up with a leak or worse if the crack isn't properly resealed. Don't wait until you have a leak and the bill and repair is more costly; your tile cleaner can spot these issues so you can fix them before they lead to a problem.

Repair Or Replace Broken Or Missing Roof Tiles

If they're quickly repaired or replaced, one or two broken or missing roof tiles aren't a big deal. However, if they aren't tended to, it can quickly snowball into a significant problem. As your roof is cleaned, the company will alert you to any tiles that need maintenance, saving you time and money!

Provide Insurance Documentation

Insurance companies want homeowners to take the initiative to provide proof of the condition of their rooves before a storm hits. High-quality and professional roof cleaners can provide updated photos you can give to your insurance provider to protect yourself and your investment if your roof receives hurricane damage.

Check Gutters For Overflow

Another benefit of receiving a yearly tile roof cleaning is having your gutters checked for overflow material. If your gutters are full of debris, they can't work correctly, so choosing a company that also provides gutter cleaning services is a great way to ensure your entire roof area is clean and ready to provide your family with the best protection possible.

What Company Should I Choose?

Choosing a company that can clean your tile roof is great, but finding one that can also provide any necessary repairs or replacements and photographic documentation for your insurance company is ideal! Tile Roofing And Restoration provides cleaning, repair, and replacement services, giving you peace of mind knowing your roof is in good hands.

Tile Roofing And Restoration works with numerous clients, providing annual cleaning services to ensure they meet their HOA requirements and avoid hefty fines. They also provide each client with updated photos to send to their insurance companies to prove they're maintaining their property. Mortgage and insurance companies have a vested interest in your home, so keeping them happy is a priority!

Tile Roofing And Restoration proudly serves:

- Cape Coral, Fl

- Fort Myers, Fl

- Naples, Fl

- Burnt Store Marina, Fl

Don't trust the care of your tile roof to just anyone; let the qualified professionals at Tile Roofing And Restoration provide you the roofing care you need from a company you can

trust! Call us today (239) 910-8729 for a no-obligation estimate and see the Tile Roofing And Restoration difference.

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