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What is the best shingle on the market in Southwest Florida?

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

A 10 year old roof in Cape Coral that I was called out to replace due to wind and sun damage.
Shingle Roof in Cape Coral, Fl.

Atlas, CertainTeed, G.A.F., TAMKO, iko, and Owens Corning.

While this is not a complete list of everything available this a synopsis of the following different options that are readily and regularly available locally.

I’ve been a contractor in the United States for over 20 years and continue to help thousands of customers in Southwest Florida arrive at a proper and satisfying shingle roof selection.

Feel free to skip the read, call now, and we will come out and educate you in person. Call (239) 910-8729.

The best way to make a decision is in person as there are often little gotchas that will swing the decision from one manufacturer to the other such as proximity to the water or being surrounded by shade.

Best Shingles for Sarasota County, FL., Charlotte County, FL., Lee County, FL., Hendry County, FL., Collier County, FL.

What are the benefits of choosing asphalt shingles?

The benefits of choosing Shingles for your roof today can be summed up in the lower cost and the multitude of visual and color options.

Which is better: Shingle Roof, Metal Roof, or Roof Tile?

When replacing your roof and being faced with the cost of a metal roof, shingle roof, or a tile roof; shingle or an asphalt roof wins out every time. Let me explain the basic application we use for every roof, regardless of type. Inside of this application we can fit the cost of supplies, the cost to remove and dispose of, and lastly the cost to properly install your new choice. When measuring a roof, we do so in ‘squares’. A square consists of a 10x10 foot area. For example, a 2000 square foot roof comes out to 20 squares. When looking at the numbers below they are complete minus adding in any type of profit or even some excess which would go to cover our insurance and workman compensation policies. Please don’t ever make the mistake of comparing the cost of your roof to the New Construction up the street, that is worthy of a whole article by itself. For the sake of this article New Construction only puts on it doesn’t take off so the prices are a lot lower.

As of 5/22/22 this is what you can expect.

Replacing a square of shingle is approximately $380

Replacing a square of metal is approximately $1,000

Replacing a square of Roof Tile is approximately $1,300-$1,700

Once you look past those basic similarities you will see some of the more unique options. *in the State of Florida would I ever suggest a 3 tab shingle.

How long can you expect a shingle roof to last in Florida?

You can expect to get about 17-22 years out of an Architectural High Definition Shingle in the Florida weather. We not only have temperatures that stay between 80-110 Fahrenheit for the bulk of the year, we also have regular windstorms and hurricanes that pop up with winds between 50-150mph on a regular basis.

When should an asphalt roof be replaced?

According to a recent article by First Coast News they quote “Progressive Insurance recently reported it is eliminating nearly 56,000 policies on Florida homes with roofs older than 15 years. A spokesperson for Progressive told the Tampa Bay Times the policies do not comply with guidelines and are causing disproportionate losses.” First Coast News went on to say “Fifteen years is the cut-off that many insurance companies give to homeowners, according to one roofing expert.”

An asphalt or shingle roof should be replaced when it stops doing its job. Keep in mind that for some people a roof no longer does its job when it loses its bright fresh appearance yet still maintains its full ability to protect the home from the elements. Other people decide a roof needs to be replaced when a leak or missing shingles begin to occur.

If something obviously occurs like staining in a ceiling its time to call on us and get a professional opinion. If something occurs around the home and not necessarily to it, I will still suggest having a professional come out and take a look.

When we do a roof inspection, we take a lot of pictures. We want you to see the same things that we are without having to go on the roof. That’s our job. This will probably be the first time you ever get to see a close up of one of the most important parts of your home.

We present you with these pictures and give you a list of different options and costs. Just because you might have a leak it can quite often be something simple, it doesn’t necessarily mean its time to replace your entire roof. There have also been times when we go out and take a look because of high winds, these types of occurrences can be surprising. One home will be in perfect condition while the one next door could be missing half of the shingles on the roof. I strongly suggest leaving it up to a contractor like ourselves that are licensed to work on the whole residence, not just the roof. We also offer more than just replacing a roof. We can guide you through a list of repair options. There is nothing to do with a roof that we aren’t licensed to be able to address properly.

Atlas Shingles

Certainteed Shingles

TAMKO Shingles

i.k.o. Shingles

Architectural Shingles for Roofs in Florida

Wood Shake Roof Shingles

Metal Roof Replacements

Slate Shingles Roof

What Are the Best Shingles for Florida Roofs?

Below you will find a comparison chart. I strongly suggest that you call us to come out and give you a professional opinion backed up with the why that belongs to it.

(239)910-8729 Roofing and Restoration, ask for Ryan.

Shingle brand comparison chart for Certainteed Shingle, GAF Shingle, Owens Corning Shingle, TAMKO Shingle, and IKO Shingles. Shows all warranties and benefits in a single side by side chart.
Shingle Brand Comparison Chart

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